Development Vs Telecommunication

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What does Development Mean?
Development means a change, a growth, progress and modernization. Though there can be change without development, but we shall consider it that is stands for good, positive and favorable. Development, traditionally, would mean the desirable economic changes, the economic take off. Economic development involves mobilization of natural resources, capital and technological know-how, and their utilization for the attainment of constantly rising national goals, higher income standards and the change form a traditional to modern society. It is measured by Gross National Product (GNP), total or per capita.

But development is much more than mere economic growth and as the scholars opine– it should not be viewed only in economic terms but in terms of social, political, cultural and moral values that makes a person’s life whole, and enable a person to attain his/her possible potential.

In nutshell, development is both a physical reality and a state of mind in which society has, through some combination of social, economic and industrial process, secured the means for obtaining a better life.

Whatever be the specific components of life, the development in all societies must have at least three objectives:

1. To increase the availability and widen the distribution of basic life-sustaining goods such as food, shelter, health and protection.
2. To raise levels of living including addition to higher incomes, the provisions of more knowhow, better education and greater attention to cultural and humanistic values, all of which will serve not only to enhance material well-being but also to generate greater individual and national esteem.
3. To expand the range of economic and social choices available to individuals and nations by freeing them from servitude and dependence not only in relation to other people and nation states but also to the forces of ignorance and human misery.

Role of communication and telecommunication in development:
As the commutation is a vehicle of sharing or exchange of ideas, information knowledge, attitude or feelings, so in development only after sharing or exchange of those with the people – we can understand their problems in the right prospective and assist them in development to accelerate the modernity. Discerned the utility of communication in development and modernity– people are looking to make it more expeditious. Consequently, we have had telecommunication as the most effective means to proceed towards our desired goals of development.

After the introduction of semiconductor by Isaac Einstein, we have had the modern era as an era of telecommunication boom and now the world has become a global village.

Enthused by its utility as an effective and rapidest means of communication as well as its best acceptability in the business world many business Giants as well as corporate bodies have entered under the telecom arena to take part in this mega workshop.


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